Identity & Branding


SaaS Platform - Global

Identity and brand development for MightyGem - a digital startup with a 'Guest Experience Management' (GEM) feedback system for businesses to collect regular customer feedback - private and direct.

Involvement:  Identity & Branding  |  Web Design & Dev  |  Collateral

Premier Chalet Construction

Eco-friendly Construction - Chamonix, France

This construction company in France is focussed on building in eco-friendly ways with sustainable materials. They requested an identity that would reflect this and the 4 most important aspects of their business: Sustainability, Construction/ Fabrication, Alpine Environment, and a High Standard (of professionalism and quality).

Involvement:  Identity & Branding  |  Collateral

The Exchequer

Bar & Restaurant Group - Dublin, Ireland

Brand development, print and web design for The Exchequer Group of bars and restaurants. On top of the website design and build, various collateral included business cards, letterheads, compliment slips, food and drinks menus.

We also created the illustrations for the 3 'MEET, EAT, DRINK' badges, which represent some specific architectural and interior features within the spaces.

Involvement:  Branding  |  Web Design & Dev  |  Collateral

Aerial Management Group

Parts Manufacturer - Telecoms & Power - Dublin, Ireland

This logo needed to have corporate feel with an emphasis on engineering and communications industries. The symbol was designed to portray the idea of connection and networks, and there are also echoes of an electricity pylon with cables in the negative space. The client also provided us with images of one of the main component parts that they manufacture and this is illustrated within the positive space of this simple symbol.

Kea Systems

Software Developer - Wellington, New Zealand

A Kea is a native New Zealand parrot, a mischievious green bird with a shock of red and orange feathers under it's wing. This company chose to use 'Kea' for it's company name and brand.

The resulting logo uses a simplified Kea bird and muted colours to reflect Kea Systems' corporate standing, a gestural red feather creating attention and liveliness - the touch of innovation and invention that Kea Systems wanted to portray.

Le Vert Hotel

Hotel - Restaurant - Bar - Chamonix, France

This 'concept' hotel promotes an active lifestyle and action sports, and the brand needed to reflect this. We established a dynamic and vibrant concept for this innovative hotel business. An icon was created to incorporate the 'V' with mountain-like shapes. The clean lines and sharp angles along with the slight asymmetrical shapes evoke feelings of movement, action and mountains.

Involvement:  Identity & Branding  |  Collateral

Visual Engineering Technologies

Broadcast/Security Industry - London, UK

Visual Engineering is a specialist design and manufacture facility offering the smallest and most tightly integrated remote camera solutions for all broadcast and professional security needs.

These guys needed a logo with a symbol that they could easily use on all of their products. The letters 'VE' were chosen and merged together to create a slick symbol with a 'precision engineered' aesthetic that could be easily etched onto steel and glass.

Elevation 1904

Bistro/Bar - Chamonix, France

The new owners of this establishment have turned what was a 'dead' brasserie in a busy ski-town into a bustling, stylish and hip bar & brasserie. The brief was tricky...a logo needed to be created which was attractive to all potential clientele..."don't put the old locals off with anything too funky, but make it sexy enough to bring in the holiday makers..." A Parisian caberet theme was established.

Involvement:  Identity & Branding  |  Collateral

HQT - High Quality Training

Training Courses for Nurses - London, UK

HQT provide training courses in the Nursing sector. The logo needed to incorporate the letters HQT' with the full length version of the name. The idea of a figure moving upwards and opening a door was developed to symbolise what HQT could do for nurses looking to advance their careers. Careful attention was paid to the figure so that it had a non-distinguishable gender as of course these days nurses are commonly either male or female.

Le Napoleon

Restaurant & Bar - Chamonix, France

This restaurant & bar caters for an upmarket crowd and the owners needed a logo to reflect this, aswell as getting across other ideas such as "attention to detail, quality dining and food, warmth and trust..." The eye moves naturally over the design in between the 2 spots of colour from the delicately rendered 'N' to the french accent over the 'E' - the colour and the curves become expressions of this restaurant's finesse in service and food.

A number of print designs were also commissioned for menus, business cards and promotional material.


Accommodation Provider - Chamonix, France

This accommodation provider in the french alps came to rocketbug for the creation of a strong and memorable brand. With an eye on the future expansion of the business, the client wanted a logo that could broadly be associated with any 'mountain based' activity or service. A simple yet striking mountain icon was created to work as part of the logo or on it's own on any type of media from t-shirts to vans.

JKChamonix - Logo Design

Nostalgic TV

DVD Retailer - London, UK

Nostalgic TV is a London based production company specialising in the re-production of historically famous sporting events to DVD. They requested a cartoon style similar to something you might see in The Jetsons cartoons.

Nostalgic TV - Logo Design


Bar & Venue - Queenstown, New Zealand

The Tardis Bar is hip and funky bar with a young crowd.  They are known for playing lots of music and gigs which are on the cutting edge from electro beats and house to hip hop and drum & base. The logo needed to reflect this and be edgy but fun while also portraying energy and action, dancing and music.  The crazy little dude's head has become an antenna that is receiving and transmitting as he hurtles along...

Tardis - Logo design

Accommodation Providers - Swiss & French Alps specialises in providing accommodation in the Swiss & French Alps.  After discussions with the client we decided that not only should the logo display what it is that alps-rentals do, it should also show what comes with it - mountain holidays, skiing and in general, happiness and happy people.

The logo also needed to be very bold and clearly visible from a distance for branding on vans. This combination of fresh bright colours and bold black text suited the client's needs perfectly, and has broad appeal in a highly competitive market. - Logo Design

Deluxe Transfers

Luxury Transfer Service - France, Italy, Switzerland

The owners at Deluxe Transfers asked us to develop their brand to clearly indicate that they provide a high-end luxury transfer service. They also specifically requested that the logo includes an illustration based on the Mercedes vehicles that they use.

Deluxe Transfers - Logo Design