Graphic Novel

Screenprints - Wellington, New Zealand

Commissioned series of 8 images for a graphic novelist. Images were created by a process of photographing the models on location. The images were then pushed through a series of steps until they were reduced to a black screen print. Colours were hand painted onto paper with the screen then printed over the top.

Boss des Bosses

Mogul Competition - Chamonix, France

This illustration was commissioned for the 'Boss des Bosses' annual skiing event held in Les Grands Montets Ski field. The design style was modeled on the popular posters from the 20's and 30's advertising ski holidays in the French Alps, and found in all the souvenir shops. The retro flouro clothing was added to give an ironic modern nod to the trends of the party goers and skiers that commonly wear this kind of thing to these events and parties.

Postage Stamp

Man On The Moon - The Moon

Created for the anniversary of the moonlanding. Designing something graphically appealing at such a small size is challenging. Every step has to be checked and rechecked in print at the actual size to make sure that the viewer will enjoy and actually be able to see all the details.